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Palau Coral Reef Maps

Palau, this island country in the West of the Pacific Ocean, has been long fascinating divers interested in rich marine life and special coral formations. Palau’s reefs are rather small compared to famous formations like the Great Barrier Reef, but they are home to incredibly varied marine life species, some of which are critically endangered. There are over 550 species of soft and hard corals, as well as around 300 different species of sponges.

Comprising around 250 islands, the Palau offers numerous, astonishingly beautiful dive sites, each of them having its own special atmosphere:

  • Blue Corner – this place is practically a ridge that goes deep into the ocean. Recommended for experienced drivers, the area has strong currents and offers the possibility to spot sharks often – wonderful place for those who love adrenaline, hard corals and are not afraid of large marine animals;
  • Turtle Wall – an extraordinary place, suitable for newcomers into the world of diving. Sea turtles, butterfly fish, anglefish and snappers swim undisturbed among the corals, giving the explorer an unforgettable diving experience;
  • Chandelier Cave – a system of caverns with only very corals on, but the place to go to see the rare and beautiful mandarin fish;
  • Helmet Wreck – wreck diving enthusiasts will also find a lot to see in Palau. The Helmet sank here during the II. World War and it is now surrounded by the most spectacular coral species such as brain corals, stag horns and lettuce corals;
  • Siaes Tunnels – another place that requires experience, the Tunnels start at 4 meters deep and they go down to 60 meters
    in depth. The area is rich in soft and hard corals alike, but white tip reef sharks and sting rays are just as frequent, adding a little adrenaline to this experience of great beauty.

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