Credit: Blane Perun

Peruns Purple People Eater

I obtained this colony by chance in or around 2001. In addition I have a matching zoanthids colony, as to where I believe this to be Palythoa or Protopalythoa. After about 1 year the specimen began coloring up and I sold off about 15 Palythoa fragments for $25-$35 dollars each.

The colony at that time still was not mature, not reaching it’s full beauty. The following year I sold Palythoa propagation’s for about $40 bucks and people were outraged, So I stopped but soonsaw them selling on ebay for about $200. I thought if people would pay that much I’m going to put what I have to good use. I had always dreamed of sponsoring 100 children through CCF. As a youngster my family sponsored this organization as long as I could remember. Now as an adult I want to follow in the footsteps of my parents. Being these came from somewhere in Indonesia I have chose to concentrate the sponsorship efforts there.

In 2003, I donated a portion of each person’s shipping bill to a charity that I had supported for over a year now. Christian Children’s Fund sponsors children all around the world. The total for the single month fund drive generated enough to sponsor two children for an entire year. As i receive information from CCF I will post to this page so you can read about Admin and Maria. I hope to run a different fund drive each quarter, so if you involved with a charity please contact me.

In 2004, I ran a fund drive that revolved around the Perun’s Purple People Eater. Palythoa Stage one was selling raffle tickets (winning number 3161) at store level and phase two was an Ebay auction. The total cash raised will sponsor 7 children for one year. Both EBay High bidder’s companies matched the donation to CCF. Originally we though this could be funneled to support the children but afterwards learned it had to be a blanket donation. At any rate the 2004 Palythoa Fund Drive was a great success

Admin has known only poverty and privation in his young life. He lives with his parents and his brother in a very simple house, earthen floor without private bathroom and electricity in East Nusa Tenggara. His father works as a farm laborer, but his income is meager and the work so irregular.His mother, although she tries to make the most of the little, she cannot do much with her husband’s low income. The family’s annual income is around US$ 103. As the child is desperately in need of help with clothing, food and educational supplies, we are happy to welcome him to our family group. Admin is his nickname. He is studying in the Primary School. His favorite subject is Mathematics. Being at home he helps his mother to run errands. His health condition is average and his hobby is playing toys.

Maria Fransiska was born into a desperately poor family in East Nusa Tenggara. She lives with her parents only in a simple house made of wooden wall, bad sanitation without electricity and private bathroom. Her father tries hard to earn a living by working as a peasant, but he earns very little that it is impossible to meet the family’s needs. Her mother, although resourceful at trying to make the most of the little, cannot do much with her husband’s low income. The annual income of the family is around US$ 134.00. It is painfully obvious that the child needs help if she wants to get proper nourishment, clothing and better attention. When we learn of her needs, we are happy to welcome her to our big family. Siska is her nickname. Her health condition is average and she makes good progress. Her hobby is playing dolls.

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