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The largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has been an important cultural, scientific and political center for most of its 1,100 years of existence. Founded around the 7th century, enjoying permanent growth and development until the end of the 19th century, the city became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and one of the most important settlements of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It became the capital city of Czechoslovakia after World War I. In 1939, the Nazi German troops occupied it, then it came under Soviet influence in 1945. After Czechoslovakia dissolved, the city was chosen as the capital of the Czech Republic, in 1993.

My son and I took a few weeks and explored Europe by plane, train & rail. I think after the trip I can confidently say Prague was amongst our favorite cities. I have been to 9 plus counties in the EU and there is nothing like this that I have experienced to date. I could have lived there for 3 months, so really anything less than that I would consider a very limited taste of what this great city has to offer.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and the focal point has to be the Old Town Square dating back to the 1400’s. The astronomical clock installed in 1410 is mind blowing, and there are another 100 things to see in the square if you have the time.

I really enjoy taking photos of old buildings and interesting architectural elements, and Prague really delivered. We arranged for a flat very close to Charles Bridge at about 30 Karmelitská. We actually booked flats throughout the whole tour a few months in advance via Home Away & VRBO. You get much more for the money, and you can usually be right in the middle of the action staying in homes, rather than hotels.

The food there was better than anything I experienced throughout Europe, great portions, inexpensive and great tasting. Beer and cocktails were terrific as well however I usually drink whiskey neat so I don’t have much experience outside that. The people were fantastic and we got around pretty well with Google translate and the occasional English speaking bar keep.

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