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A remote island recommended for more experienced divers, US Samoa is a chain of seven islands located in the South Pacific Ocean, northwest from the state of Samoa. The fringing reefs nestle an incredibly rich marine eco-system – 2,700 different marine species have been identified so far living on the reefs, and there are certainly numerous other creatures we don’t even know about.

There are several diving spots around the islands that astonish the diver with unmatched beauty. The largest diving place is just off Tutuila, with fringing reefs surrounding the central island. Faga’alu is an amazing spot that can be visited as a shore dive, while the other spots, located further from the center and a bit more difficult to get to such as the Rose Atoll are even more amazing.

Wherever you choose to dive on American Samoa, the reefs are always beautiful, the marine life is always rich. You can expect to see hundreds of different coral species, giant clams, Maori wrasse, barracudas, and jacks. Several shark species dwell the regions, including the white tip reef shark, the grey reef shark and the black tip shark and you can also meet turtles, humpback whales and porpoises in the waters.

The diving season in American Samoa lasts all year around, but the best time to visit is between March and November. The waters are usually warm, but the reason why these places are not for inexperienced divers is that the currents can be really strong, so you must really know your ways underwater to be able to make the most of these amazing sites.

Blane Perun

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