Scroll Coral

The popular Scroll Coral grows in either plate-like or curly, rolled patterns. This Coral, also referred to as Turbinaria, is found in the islands of the Indo-Pacific including Figi, Tonga, Solomon Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. These types of coral are readily accepted into the captive coral reefs, and are a favorite amongst hobbyists.

Scroll Coral does best in medium to high lighting atmospheres in the marine coral reef. They can be kept under high output fluorescent bulbs, but may thrive better under more intense lighting. The coloration of this type of coral is likely to change depending on the amount of light provided to them in the tank environment. They may require a longer acclimation period to intense lighting such as metal halides.

The Coral relies heavily on the products of their zooxanthellae for their health and vitality, as well as their feeding practices. This coral will more than likely benefit from the addition of phytoplankton as a food source as well. While the Scroll Coral itself may feed on some of the phytoplankton, the better benefit is the increased presence of rotifers that feed on the phytoplankton. If phytoplankton is not readily available, this type of coral does benefit from the addition of finely ground meaty foods.

With the proper moderate water current and water conditions, Scroll Coral grows in plates like whirls, with gigantic polyps and very bright color. Under optimal conditions this coral can grow extremely fast. As this coral gets larger it grows into an amazing multi-plated bowl structure when proper current conditions are met.

Coral reefs all over the world are in danger of being destroyed by commercial factors as well as water conditions, over-fishing of the reef fish that populate them, and other factors. Coral reefs found in the Indo-Pacific and Indian Oceans where the Scroll Coral is found are in constant danger of damage and extinction. Scroll Coral.

This Small Polyp Stony (or SPS) coral is often brightly colored, with the most common color being yellow. High light levels and high PH balance are required if you’re considering adding a Scroll Coral to your captive marine aquarium. Scroll coral are a peaceful coral that does not cause any issues when placed in close proximity to other corals. However, it should be given plenty of room because it does grow rather quickly.

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