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Scuba Diving Cameras

If you are a photography enthusiast looking for the right scuba diving camera, you are certainly overwhelmed with the choice. However, choosing the right equipment should not be stressful, you must know that the perfect camera is out there for you, so here are a few aspects to consider when browsing the available products.

A scuba diving camera is a digital device that you can use underwater to take shots of the wildlife and formations around you while diving. You can either choose a camera designed especially for underwater photography or you can buy a camera designed for being used outside aquatic environments that comes with waterproof accessories. While the cameras that have been developed for underwater photography are usually compact and they come with inbuilt waterproof features, the other option will allow you to use the latest high-performance cameras during your dives. If you already own a camera, the easiest way to waterproof it is to look for a waterproof housing for it – if there are such accessories available for your model, you are good to go.

The two most important factors that should determine your choice are camera features and accessory characteristics. Here are the three basic camera types with some features to help you choose:

Compact cameras – these models are lightweight, making usage comfortable. Most models allow for shooting macro as well. Choose an advanced model equipped with a manual function, because the auto shooting function is not always suitable in underwater environments;

DSLR – the choice of many professional photographers, DSLR cameras can shoot perfect pics in low light conditions and you can use them to shoot macro and wide-angle as well;

Mirrorless cameras – coming in between the two camera types above, these cameras usually come with a lot of accessories that make them as versatile as DSLR devices, but much cheaper.

The cameras designed especially for being used underwater are waterproof, but if you choose a standard camera, you will need a waterproof housing for it. The most common materials used for making waterproof camera housings are polycarbonate or aluminum. Polycarbonate housings are more affordable, but they tend to fog the lens, while aluminum housings are more expensive, but they are rugged and durable.

There are a number of accessories that will serve you well underwater – lenses, filters, flashes, strobes, continuous lighting devices are all available in waterproof versions. When you select your scuba diving camera, make your final choice based not only on camera and housing type, but also based on the availability of accessories.

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