Scuba Diving Certification Levels

Dive centers around the world provide various dive courses and not only for beginners. If you are a newcomer to the sport, you will evidently need to take the entry test to the basic level course and learn the basic skills of propelling yourself underwater, using your gear, and communicating with the other divers. However, once you have completed the basic course and you love scuba, there is no need to stop – you can perfect your knowledge and continue your training, moving on to the higher scuba diving certification levels. There are various course systems, PADI and SSI being the most common ones, but the skills you will learn are basically the same with all of them.

The level that comes after the beginner level is that of Advanced Open Water Diver or Advanced Scuba Diver, depending on the course system that you have chosen. If, during the beginner course, you have learned how to manage yourself and your equipment under the water, this second course will teach you how to divert your attention away from the technical aspects of staying under the surface towards the wildlife around you. Then, the next one on the list of scuba diving certification levels is the level of Rescue Diver. If you decide to take this course, you will learn not only to take care of yourself and enjoy the aquatic scenery, but you will also learn about the possible emergency situations down in the water, as well about how to cope with them and how to rescue other divers from dangerous situations.

The next one on the list of scuba diving certification levels is that of Dive Master, Dive Guide or Dive Leader. This course will teach to how to organize and plan group trips and how to manage the group you are leading underwater. If you have fallen in love with diving and you are contemplating starting a business in this field, this is the level you will have to reach.

The level of Dive Instructor or Open Water Instructor is the top of all scuba diving certification levels. The students attending these top-level courses will learn about certifying and testing systems, industry standards and teaching techniques. At the end of the course, they will receive a certificate that allows them to work as diving instructors.

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Blane Perun

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