Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Whether you are looking for a location for your first diving trip or you are an expert in scuba diving, Puerto Rico will certainly give you the possibility to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. With visibility ranging between 50-75 feet all year long and with calm, crystal waters brimming with marine life, Puerto Rico will give you the best of the Caribbean.

Whether you are looking for reefs to see colorful corals and reef species or you want more excitement with wall and cavern dives, the Fajardo area will surely be to your taste. The reef populated with immense gorgonians is just a few yards away from the town of Fajardo, in the eastern part of Puerto Rico. Visibility is usually better than in other dive spots around the mainland, and the creatures in the area (mostly parrot fish, puffers, green morays, even the cute and docile manatees) are so tame that you can not only admire them from afar, but also swim up very close to them.

Located about 65 km off the mainland in the west, Mona Island is as rich in natural beauties as the Galapagos Islands. It boasts the cleanest waters around Puerto Rico, with visibility around 60 m, on most days even more. Smaller and larger marine creatures equally love the area – there are almost 300 fish species around the island, with 60 species that live only on these reefs. Marlins, turtles, dolphins and whales are also frequent visitors of the coral reefs around Mona.

If you don’t want to travel, but you still want to enjoy scuba diving, Puerto Rico provides excellent shore diving opportunities, too – the waters around San Juan are extraordinary for scuba diving. The lava reefs give home to numerous caverns where large shoals of fish congregate permanently. You can see mainly smaller creatures in the area – sea horses, crabs, flying gurnards, snappers, jacks, blue wrasse, butterfly fish and French angels populate the area. The shallow waters around San Juan’s Candina reef is perfect for beginners looking for a safe way to gain more experience and it offers a relaxing dive for more experienced divers as well.

Puerto Rico is surrounded by the continental shelf on three sides, and this special feature has created special diving sites in the waters around. Those who have already seen and explored these warm waters agree that, in terms of scuba diving, Puerto Rico has some of the richest and most beautiful sites in the world.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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