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Seychelles Coral Reef Maps

Near the small islands known as Seychelles, coral reefs can be located all around the region, strong granite reefs offering stable protection for patchwork and fringing coral reefs giving home to a wide variety of fascinating marine life.

The coral reefs in the region are mainly formed of fringing reef structures that offer a stable habitat for a variety of reef fish, and in some cases – such as for the Corsair fringing reef system – they also offer refuge for hawksbill turtles.

In the northwest of the region, reef systems such as the large Mahe fringing reef also provide shelter for coral cod, sweet lips, lobster and a host of other marine creatures. Also, small patchwork reef formations can be found closer to the shore, housing a large range of small fish and marine species – as well as making for ideal diving sites for beginning divers – while larger patchwork reefs are also commonly visited by deeper water species.

A wide variety of fan corals and sponges can also be seen here, and many of the gently shelving reef feature young, hard coral formations that are surprisingly resilient when it comes to temperature changes, and bode well for the islands when it comes to the long term survival of its reef system.

While fringing reef formations dominate the area closer to the shore, farther out at sea, remarkable granite reefs can be found that also feature hard coral formations and in some cases are more sheltered, but are mostly quite close to the stronger Indian Ocean currents.

Schooling pelagic fish, barracudas and stingrays are commonly found here, while hawksbill turtles also visit more frequently and even reef sharks or whale sharks can be spotted. Also, these areas are home to some of the largest brown morays in the region.

Whether you’re interested in exploring corals and the habitats of the most fascinating large creatures and fish in the Indian Ocean or you’re more curious about invertebrates and anemones, the Seychelles coral reefs can provide you with some of the most stunning underwater views, making for a unique diving experience.

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