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St Kitts Dive

St Kitts – A Place of History and Unique Diving Opportunities

St Kitts is an important island in the Caribbean archipelago, known to be the place where the first French and British colonies first settled and its known history started when Columbus made his second voyage to the New World. Besides interesting history, the island also provides unique diving opportunities, so a trip here will certainly turn out to be rich in adventures.

St Kitts offers experiences for new and seasoned divers

St Kitts holds many diving areas such as wrecks, caves and vulcanic. Coconut Tree, Thug Boat, Brimstone Shallows and Nags Head and the favorite, MV River Taw, are some of the most popular diving locations in the area.

One of the best diving sites is the MV River Taw Fighter

A perfect place for diving lessons is the MV River Taw wreck. Located just 40 feet underwater, the wreck is home to a wide variety of corals and fish. When it crashed, the wreck was standing upright until Hurricane Hugo hit St Kitts in 89, which broke the vessel in two.

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