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St Vincent Coral Reef Maps

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines islands are famous not only as an exotic vacation destination, but also for the coral reef situated on their leeward side.

This is one of the places where an extremely rare coral variety, the black coral, can be found. The waters in the area are also the home of the finger and file corals that create amazingly beautiful structures. There are many other beautifully colored, hard and soft corals in these waters. The bottom of the reef is covered with sea anemones and a great variety of sponges, including rope sponge. Beds of seagrass cover the reef’s bottom in sandy areas, some of the boulders being also covered with vegetation.

This is one of the places where sea worms thrive, the Christmas tree worm and the feather duster worm being among the most commonly met. An impressive number of crab subspecies live in these waters, with the anemone, the hermit, the sponge and the swimmer crab as the most representative. There are also the adorable seahorses and several species of turtles, while the reef shelters two varieties of batfish, the red-lipped and the short-nose, as well frogfish, the jawfish, the blackbar soldierfish or the scorpionfish.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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