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Sudan Coral Reef Maps

The Sudan coral reefs are among the most pristine and beautiful in North Africa. Located in the Red Sea, where you can mostly find many of the strongest, most diverse and most resilient coral formations in the world, the reefs are a sanctuary for many stunning sea creatures, especially sharks.

Sudan features beautiful underwater structures and coral formations, its underwater world promising the delight of coral reef gardens, soft corals and vaulting coral pinnacles, as well as steep drop-offs and fascinating caves that have captivated the attention and imagination of adventurers and scientists alike throughout the past decades.

Some of the most significant places for finding coral reefs in Sudan are:

  • No less than 124 species of majestic, colorful corals can be seen at the Sanganeb National Park. The Sanganeb reef formation rises from the deep to welcome schools of barracuda and snappers, while being a nutritional hub for many types of marine creatures. Sharks can also be seen here on occasion.
  • Shaab Rumi is a place that features some of the most diverse species in the Red Sea, scientists often studying rare creatures in the area.
  • Cousteau’s Cone Shelf is another one of the most well-known underwater formations in Sudan, featuring something of an underwater village constructed and anchored to the reef, forming additional habitats for the marine creatures living in the area.

Aside from barracudas, reef fish and manta rays, sharks are quite prevalent around Sudan’s reefs as well. Grey sharks and hammerheads are particularly easy to find, being commonly seen along barracudas in places like Angarosh – which is another one of Sudan’s most famous diving areas.

The sharks, as well as the abundant reef life found in Sudan, were made even more famous by Jacque-Yves Cousteau, who studied the region in the 1960s. Since then, the Sudan coral reefs and diving sites have become particularly well-known throughout the world.

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