Turks & Caicos Dive

In late 2013 my wife and I traveled to Turks and Caicos Islands, this trip made for some great diving. Turks is a bit off the grid so the marine life was pretty pristine even at the house reef. Coming off a trip to the Cayman Islands I was pretty pumped to get back in the water and refine my shooting.

At the time my rig consisted of a gopro and allot of accessories. The camera was great fun and a terrific way to begin with capabilities of video and photos all in one. I knew however it would be the last time I’d take this rig out and I was ready to invest in something else. My love being macro, I just could not get the shots I wanted with the device (nor was it really intended to be used that way.

After allot of post here are the best shots I was able to put together from diving in Turks

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