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Tuvalu Coral Reef Maps

Tuvalu is certainly one of the smallest countries on Earth, but also one of the greatest places when it comes to exotic underwater sceneries. Being rated among the world’s top dive sites, Tuvalu’s reefs are of unmatched beauty, that’s for sure.

The country is comprised of 9 islands, three of them larger reef islands, the other six small atolls. The Pacific Oceans offers the diver all its beauty and richness – if you want to see reefs, lagoons and other types of ocean habitats of unimaginable richness, Tuvalu is certainly an excellent choice.

Funafuti is one of the most popular dive spots. The huge lagoon invites the avid diver with its blue waters and the promise of breathtaking, colorful sites. The lagoon is 14 km wide and 18 km long, large enough to offer plenty to explore. The area gives home to more than 300 different fish species, the total number of species identified here exceeding 600.

Nukufetau is the other very famous spot in Tuvalu. The atoll and the marine area surrounding it are not less amazing when it comes to biodiversity and richness, but not only. The various coral formations made by brain corals, fire corals and others and the abundance of the creatures swimming around you are spiced up by the presence of wrecks and the opportunity to spot sharks as well.

Colorful reefs, colorful ocean fish and other creatures, and all these in unbelievable richness – this is what Tuvalu offers – a must-see place and some must-do dives, for sure.

Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

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