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UK Virgin Islands Coral Reef Maps

The British Virgin Islands Coral Reefs – An Amazing Multitude of Shapes and Colors

The British Virgin Islands are considered a tropical paradise, a place where people come not only to relax, but also to admire the astonishing view the coral reef in the area, with its vivid colors and numerous populations of aquatic creatures living around it, offers.

Majestically Looking, Splendidly Colored Corals

Soft corals are represented in the region by a lot of gorgonians and sea fans varieties, with their tiny, almost invisible tentacles filtering the water to retain the plankton they feed on. Hard coral formations, especially pillar corals, can also be seen here. The palette of colors they come in is really impressive, including many tones of yellow, red and orange. While, in shallow waters, the coral colonies feature lighter colors, they become darker as the sea goes deeper.

Marine Life – An Incredible Variety of Species

The waters surrounding the coral reef are populated by many types of rays, the eagle ray and the stingray being among the most commonly met. Jelly fish is another category of sea life very well represented by the sea wasp jelly fish and the moon jelly fish. The reef is also home of the nurse shark and of the hawksbill turtle. The sergeant major fish, the box fish, the queen trigger fish, the porkfish, and the tarpon are some of the numerous fish species populating the coral reef of the British Virgin Islands.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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