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Vanuatu Coral Reef Maps

No wonder the Vanuatu diving sites are among the most popular spots in the world – the small country has a lot to offer to those interested in wreck diving and for those fascinated by the special, colorful eco-systems of coral reefs as well.

If you want to see corals and interesting marine life, Pango Cove is the perfect place – an extraordinary snorkeling site, the cove boasts beautiful, colorful creatures and an amazing richness of corals. If you dare to go deeper, you can try diving on the President Coolidge wreck, a site just off Espiritu Santo Island that combines the possibility to go reef diving and wreck diving as well. Espiritu Santo offers another wonderful diving and snorkeling site, too: Champagne beach. The reef extends more than 200 feet into the ocean – plenty of space to swim with parrotfish, sea turtles, reef sharks and pufferfish and to explore the beauty of the elephant fan corals and spiky staghorn corals there.

The northern part of the country will be incredibly interesting for coral enthusiasts – being located closer to the Coral Triangle, the area is more diverse and more colorful than the South.

Vanuatu offers a rich sea life that is populated with mushroom corals, leather corals, ocean fish of the most colorful kind, large and small alike, plants, sea mammals such the dolphin-like porpoise, invertebrates such as crabs and sea urchins, wrecks, occasional sightings of humpback whales, and all these in crystal clear, sky-blue waters.

Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

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