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Venezuela’s rich coral reef population, pristine beaches and large natural marine life habitats are known throughout the world, the country being well-known for its many tourist attractions located in the Venezuelan Caribbean Sea – one of the most important and diverse locations for coral reefs in the entire Caribbean.

This is also where you can find the largest marine park in the Caribbean: the Archipelago of Los Roques. This majestic archipelago houses more than 300 islands, cays and islets along a region measuring about 40 square kilometers, and it is also home to hundreds of species of crustaceans, mollusks and fish, as well as about 60 different species of corals.

Venezuela’s beautiful coral reefs have made it all possible, and the Los Roques National Park is a living testament to the pristine beauty of this rich and remarkably complex marine habitat, whose main protagonists are the numerous and diverse coral reef formations located in the Los Roques Archipelago.

The National Park surrounds a large lagoon known as Ensenada de los Corrales, and the unique “atoll” coral formations – including a coral ring that is formed, either partially or completely encircling a lagoon – it features are characteristic of the warmer waters in the area, brought about by the tropics.

Los Roques became a National Park in 1972, and it was declared as such to protect the natural coral reef formations in the region, which were quickly beginning to be affected by irresponsible commercial fishing and the rise of tourism.

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