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Where Did Blackbeard Live

Where did Blackbeard live during the various periods of his life? Did the famous pirate have a special hideout where he stashed his treasure? These questions have been asked by historians for years and most still remain unanswered to this day. There are a few certainties about Blackbeard’s life, such as the fact that he was raised in England and had spent a great deal of time in the Caribbean during the early 18th century, but many details are still unknown. There are many discrepancies as to whether he lived in London or Bristol and it is still not known when the famous pirate actually came to be a pirate under the command of Captain Benjamin Hornigold.

There are few reliable accounts as to Edward Teach’s earlier years. Sucha as where did he live in his youth? Young Edward is thought to have been born in Bristol. Very little is known about his childhood and teenage years, but there are records that he left England aboard the HMS Windsor in 1706 after his family relocated to Jamaica. Teach served as a sailor on privateer ships during the Queen Anne War, and then settled in New Providence on the island of Bahamian. This was the base of Captain Benjamin Hornigold whose crew the by then experienced Teach joined in 1716.

During 1717 and 1718, Blackbeard spent most of his time aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge. But where did Blackbeard live and re-supply his ship during these times? Local lore speaks of a large tower in the US Virgin Islands now known as Blackbeard’s Castle or Blackbeard’s Tower. Legend said the pirate used it as a hideout and residence, although the exact time frame for this is still unclear. There are also claims about his use of an island known as Blackbeard Island, which was believed to have been the place Teach stashed away most of his treasure. Teach also spent a great deal of time in various locations in Port Royal, Jamaica, New Providence, as well as the North Carolina coastline. He is even said to have gone as far north as New England.

After parting company from his trusted partner, Bonnet, Edward Teach soon settled down in Bath Town (in the Beauford County of North Carolina) and received a royal pardon that allowed him to start a new life away from piracy. However, as he was soon at sea again, he attracted the attention of the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, who soon issued a warrant for his capture. At the time of his death, Teach left behind many mysteries, so, to this day, no one knows all the details about his whereabouts. The questions “where did Blackbeard live?” and “Where is the huge treasure he amassed during his many travels?” may remain without a clear answer forever.


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