Credit: Blane Perun

Aruba Dive

Experience the Wrecks and Reefs of Aruba

Aruba is the resting place of one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean
The Aruba wreck known as the Antilla was a German freighter that was sunk in 1940 and is now a place where many varieties of maritime life have made their home. It is a must-dive location for tourists visiting the area. It is located in shallow waters that can be accessed by experienced and new divers as well.

The Pedernales Wreck – where many maritime species can be found

Before it sunk, the ship was an oil tanker torpedoed during World War 2. A perfect location for all divers to experience with many groupers and angelfish to be found, as well as other species attracted to the wreckage such as Caesar grunts, frogfish, and green moray eels.

Mike’s Reef is one of Aruba’s best reef dives

A large collection of colorful and different corals can be found here. The area attracts a lot of photographers from around the world as the coral found here makes excellent subjects for macro photography.

Blane Perun

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