Credit: Blane Perun

Turks Dive

In late 2013 my wife and I traveled to Turks and Caicos Islands, this trip made for some great diving. Turks is a bit off the grid so the marine life was pretty pristine even at the house reef. Coming off a trip to the Cayman Islands I was pretty pumped to get back in the water and refine my shooting.

The diving here was incredible, I especially loved Smith’s Reef. Every morning I would head out to GreenBean for an espresso or two, get my gear ready then proceed to the beach. In 8 days I saw one person on the beach at smiths diving as well, it was incredible (luckily I never got into a bind and needed rescue. Aside from Smith’s I visited other reef’s on the island as well as a few night dives on the house reef at the resort we called home.

As house reefs go it was what you typically experience, tourist usually decimate coral colonies in time, and the run off from resorts create pretty high nutrient level. Princess Alexandra National Park was no different, we stayed at Coral Gardens right off Bight Reef. The secret to a house reef is this, keep your expectations low, have your gear ready, get some weights, and be fit enough to hold your breath long. Past the buoys Bight (like any house reef) improves. Most people won’t swim past the mark or go deep. I typically swim out to the barriers, ready my gear and descend past the marks to get good shots.

When your doing macro anything can look incredible no matter where you are, scout the waters for something interesting, dip down take a look and line up a shot then ascend. Take a deep breath and drop, make sure you rinse and repeat taking the same shot a few times. During my trip to Turks I was still using a GoPro 3 Black, I would take a series of shots in burst mode, then go back down and take a video.

At the time my rig consisted of a gopro and allot of accessories. The camera was great fun and a terrific way to begin with capabilities of video and photos all in one. I knew however it would be the last time I’d take this rig out and I was ready to invest in something else. My love being macro, I just could not get the shots I wanted with the device (nor was it really intended to be used that way.

After allot of post here are the best shots I was able to put together from diving in Turks


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