Credit: Blane Perun

55 Gallon Reef

Here are some of the latest photos using my Samsung Note 5 in Pro Mode. This camera is pretty remarkable considering it’s on a phone. In particular one can adjust the white balance by kelvin temp, not just 4 or 5 presets like you typically see. Combining that with ISO and shutter control you can get some really high quality photos if your in a rush.

Demonstrating the difference, I have one particular photo in the gallery of a tripod in front of the aquarium. This was taken in auto mode, that is a pretty typical shot from a mobile phone. Without the new software updates in pro mode most shots would look this blue without lighting, or filters.

I’m really enjoying the tank, and hope to keep it going for a few more years. Traveling is going to be a challenge, I’m about to plan another dive trip and at this time I’m limited to online controls and the webcam. I suppose I’ll have a friend drop by to feed the fish, but if anything out of the ordinary happens I’m not sure what I will do.

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