My World Travels

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One of the things I’m very passionate about is world travel. Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, architecture, food, wine… I can’t say enough about the personal growth mentally, and emotionally travel has brought me, let alone the bonding experience with your companion.

I’ve been to a dozen plus countries my two favorite the Czech Republic and France, and I have dozens more to visit. I like to jump off the beaten path when I’m abroad and dig into the areas roots and history. Much of my travel has been based on diving but I hope to find a good balance.

My wife and I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean and reefs begin to look the same after a short while. Most of the species of coral and fish are pretty similar from East to West. Most of the dive trips now are for the sake of macro photography, beaches and rum. We will soon venture into the South Pacific and then the coral triangle in years to come, and return to the Caribbean for photography migration events. Diving usually dictates about 50% of my travel calendar, the rest is reserved mainly for culture. Where ever we go we have a great time, and see some incredible things, the photos here on the site about about 1/10th of what we keep.

My latest trips in 2015 have been to Italy and Switzerland, and I’d like to get another dive trip in before fall. I’m hoping to refine my gear and rigs to travel a bit lighter but that seems to never work. My clothing usually fits in a backpack and photography equipment the other 2 carry ons. I’m attempting to document all my travels here, as well as the non dive adventures of the diving trips.

Whale in Ocean