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Bahamas Coral Reef Maps

The Caribbean Bahamas archipelago is the location of the greatest section of the Great Barrier Reef, a place of an almost unreal beauty, teeming with sea creatures and fish of all kinds.

A Submarine Paradise Made of Corals

While, in most of the cases, the reefs are only of fringed, barrier or atoll type, the one located on this part of the Caribbean Sea is a combination of all these three forms. Pillar and stag-horn are the most often met structures of hard corals, while soft corals are grouped as elk horns. The reef is the home of several varieties of gorgonians, of the so-called “octocorals”, more than 30 varieties being identified, and of the coralline and calcified green algae. Sponges, with over 80 varieties, and anemones also have their place in this ecosystem.

Marine Creatures Part of the Ecosystem

Large schools of parrotfish, pufferfish, groupers of impressive size, and a great number of other fish species are the prey of the sharks and the barracudas swimming in the waters of the reef. The coral colonies offer many hiding places and plenty of food for the sea snails and worms, but also for numerous subspecies of shrimps, lobsters and crabs. Several varieties of turtles live here, feeding on the thick bed of seaweeds. The delicate seahorses are other creatures of the sea that take advantage of the excellent living conditions ensured by the Bahamas coral reef.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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