Credit: Blane Perun

Nassau Dive

In late 2004, November I think I traveled to the Bahamas and this was the very first time I had a professional camera rig to dive with. I rented a Sea&Sea camera and single light. I’ll never forget the thrill of swimming around the reef and chasing fish, I was the last one in the boat on each dive. After getting back to the hotel I was shocked to find less than 2 dozen acceptable photos of nearly one thousand shot; this is where my obsession begun.

Bahamas is a nice place for underwater photography, close to the states and a pretty inexpensive trip. There are numerous places to dive both day and night. Plenty to see and shot to hone your skills. The photos in this gallery I would most likely delete today, but it’s interesting to look back at what I produced in 2004.

Blane Perun

Diver - Photographer - Traveler

Whale in Ocean