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Belize Coral Reef Maps

The coral reefs in Belize, sheltering a great variety of marine life species, are protected by the authorities by being included in the natural sea reservations in the area. One of the reefs in this situation is Ambergris Cay, the natural border of two marine parks, Hol Chan and Bacalar Chico. In two of its points, the Rocky Point and the Robles Point, Ambergris Cay touches the shore, being the only reef in the region where this thing happens. The total surface occupied by the coral colonies is of 15,000 acres, while the surface of land included in the natural reservation is of 12,000 acres.

Other Marine Treasures Currently under Protection

Coral Reef Atolls is the first national marine reservation established in Belize more than 30 years ago. The Blue Hole, resulted from the collapse of an underwater cave, provides the best living conditions for many fish and sea creatures, while the top part of the atoll is the favorite nesting place of a wide variety of migratory birds. South Water Cays, with a surface of about 62 square miles, is located south of the island and includes a so-called “no-take” area, where the access of divers and other visitors is strictly forbidden. Sapodilla Cays is another natural reserve, situated on the southernmost part of the reefs spreading on a total of 44 square miles.

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