Credit: Blane Perun

Colón Panama

A Look at the Rich History and Cultural Heritage of Colón in Panama

The city of Colón is one of Panama’s most well-known historical cities and ports. Founded in 1850 and built in record time to provide a quick route to California during the Gold Rush, the city grew quickly, and became an important terminal of the Panama Railroad. Between the end of WWII and 1989, Colón was considered a Free Trade Zone, and during its heyday, it became one of Central America’s primary cultural and civic centers.

Although it remained somewhat forgotten since the 1990s, Colon is now one of the most beautiful and historically important cities you can visit. A comprehensive restoration project began in 2014 which brought back the pristine and beautiful parks, and restored many of the main historical buildings and monuments.

Sightseeing in Colón can be a remarkable experience, as visitors can explore such sites and attractions as Fort San Lorenzo, the Changres National Park, Portobelo and of course, the famous Panama Canal Railway, which put the city of Colón on the map all those years ago.

Blane Perun

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