Credit: Blane Perun

Key Largo Dive 3/15′

My diving had been a bit limited in 2015, and I was itching to get away for a weekend and decided to hit the keys. I have not been diving here for some years, and my camera rig at that time left allot to be desired. When we arrived it was just like I remembered, warm water great weather. I was able to schedule 4 dives over two days, and had a terrific time. My rig was the same as last year but I have added a second (more powerful light) and it really showed with the focus and color in these shots.

The images below are some of the best I took over the two day period, I wish I had time to do post on them all but I had to limit this to 20. If you ever get a chance to dive in the Keys, Largo is a great place to start. Quick access to everything.

Blane Perun

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