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Key West Coral Reef Maps

For the daring explorers of the underwater universe, who want to come face to face with this mysterious world and unveil its secrets, the coral reefs in Key West are a continuous source of pleasant surprises. Situated at a distance of about 7 miles from the mainland, the system is formed of more than 110 different varieties of corals. Those that are already hardened are grouped as pillars, while elk-horn and stag-horn are the most commonly met shapes for the living coral colonies.

Marine Life

Sponges and sea anemones also live in the area, completing the landscape and making it even more beautiful. They cover the caves and holes of the reef, creating perfect hiding places for the fish or other creatures hunted by predators like the nurse sharks or in search of food. The reef is the ideal habitat for many species of lobsters, jelly fish, snails and even sea turtles. The latter come here attracted not only by the calmness of the waters, but also by the numerous places on the beach when they can nest their eggs. The excellent living conditions it provides for over 500 species of sea creatures make the coral reef in Key West one of the most important natural monuments in the area.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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