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Montserrat Coral Reef Maps

The coral reefs surrounding the little volcanic island of Montserrat offer a unique view, with tens of coral varieties creating an amazingly beautiful landscape.

The Marvelous Corals

The boulders created by the eruption of one of the volcanoes situated here are covered with hardened corals of all shapes and sizes, pillar corals, star and brain corals being just some of the varieties that can be found in the shallow waters of the reef. A lot of sponges, sea fans and sea plumes can also be observed on the surface boulders. In deeper waters, tube sponges and barrel sponges create magnificent landscapes, while the star corals and brain corrals grow to huge dimensions.

The Incredible Biodiversity

At the surface of the reef, spiny lobsters and octopuses hide into the crevices of the volcanic rocks, sharing the place with cleaner fish, cleaner shrimps and several varieties of sea snails. As the waters go deeper, spotted drums and copper sweepers can also be noticed. Pelagic fish live here in large schools, and several sea turtle species come on the beaches to lay their eggs. The caves above the coral reef offer the best nesting and living conditions for some rare bat species. The way in which such an incredibly big number of creatures live in harmony makes the coral reef of Montserrat to be special among all the other formations of this kind.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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