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Nicaragua Coral Reef Maps

The reefs along the Nicaragua islands of Big Corn and Little Corn never cease to give the marine biologists and divers who explore them new reasons to feel overwhelmed by the beauty of this submarine world and the great number of creatures populating it. Sea fans, the most commonly known variety of soft corals, can be found here in an incredibly wide palette of colors, from yellow and purple to red and even black. As for the solid coral formations, besides those shaped as elk or stag horns, the so-called “pillar corals” are also present in this area. Sea grass and anemones cover the bottom of the reef, patches of bare sand being extremely rare.

Living Sea Treasures

The coral colonies around the islands of Big Corn and Little Corn are a friendly host for a lot of fish species, such as parrot fish, yellowtail snappers, queen angelfish or yellowtail damselfish. The reef is also a welcoming home for barracudas and sharks that find not only shelter, but also plenty of food here. Last but not least, this is the place when the giant green sea turtles live, laying their eggs on the beaches surrounding the two islands. This is one of the many endangered species of turtles, and the fact that the reef of Nicaragua is its habitat is another reason why it is seen as a submarine paradise.

Blane Perun

Blane Perun

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