Credit: Blane Perun

Roatan Dive

Late August 2014 I made a trip to Honduras with my daughter. To date the island of Roatan has been my overall favorite destination for underwater photography. On this trip I had a great Cannon camera rig with a model released that year; but still working with one light. The coral reefs in Roatan were superb, this is not a high traffic tourist destination and it really showed when you entered the water. Many of the dive sites I have visited in the Caribbean have problems with algae from the high nutrient waters. In Roatan there were no mega resorts or even large hotels, the shoreline was pristine and more jungle than anything.

The majority of the reefs are located pretty close to shore so no lengthy boat rides, in fact it’s a great location for shore diving. The emphasis of my trip was my daughters open water certification so I really was not able to shoot much, but what I did get was pretty incredible. Here are some of my best underwater shots from trip to Roatan Honduras.

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