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If you want to see the most amazing coral reefs in Vietnam, then Hon Kho is definitely the place of choice. This island is mostly uninhabited and the surrounding waters are teeming with corals, exotic fish and many species of turtles.

This island is located less than 10 minutes by boat from the Nhon Hai commune. The island has soft sandy beaches, amazing rock cliffs, as well as coral reefs that can even be seen from the shoreline. The coral systems are very close to the shore, sometimes in waters less than one or two meters deep. All you need to do to see these corals is put on some goggles and jump straight into the water to witness the amazing corals and the rich marine biodiversity.

There are dozens of species of fish swimming or taking shelter in the coral reefs. There are also many invertebrate species such as lobsters, crabs, snails or even clams. Hon Kho is also a conservation center, and, at night, tourists can see turtles exiting the coral reefs and rushing to the beaches to lay their eggs.

Besides Hon Kho, Vietnam also boasts the Ninh Thuan coral reefs. These coral reefs are present in both fossilized and live forms, creating an amazing landscape that intertwines with the rocky cliffs. The black corals found here are known for their resilience against the strong waves, as well as the driest winds in the entire country.

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